Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Updated News

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 

Samsung introduced the world Galaxy Gear smart device along with the most powerful Android device Galaxy Note 3. Its sale is going really impressive and has already set the new record. And now here comes the shadow of new member of the Galaxy Note family, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet.

The Galaxy Note Series started in 2011 and that time, there was no competitor for this range of the device in the market but other manufacturers joined the market quickly. And now Sony, HTC and Nokia are gaining interest in the phablet market.

As Galaxy Note 3 is the star phablet of the 2013 market but HTC One Max and Sony Xperia Z Ultra are not far in the race but Note 3 is better among all these and performed better in benchmark tests as well.

The imagination for the next Galaxy Note is already started and Samsung keep on revealing the hardware and specifications that would be powering next generation Samsung android devices. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 would take the smartphones generation to the next level, but how it would happen? Samsung has revealed few of the power parts for the smartphone since 2012 jan that includes, flexible display, true octa-core processor, curved YOUM display, 128 GB onboard storage memory and 2K resolution display panel.

Samsung Galaxy note 4

Samsung Galaxy note 4 prototype

When we will see all of these specifications in a smartphone? this is our concern. After the launch of iPhone 5S with 64-bit processor chipset, Samsung and other manufacturers are running to achieve this standard in their respective smartphones so Samsung has commented similar for its future upcoming Android devices included Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs and features:

  • Octa-core processor on Exynos 64-bit chipset
  • 5.7 inches, 4K resolution (2160p) display, it wouldn’t be 3D or flexible so do not consider the rumors of flexible and 3D display. However, curved edges could be the part of the device but Samsung will avoid this in Note series because for such things as per rumors Samsung will launch separate series Galaxy F.
  •  It is confirmed that samsung will provide 4GB RAM in its Note 4. As Note 3 already took this standard to 3GB so for sure Samsung will  reach 4 GB RAM in mid of 2014.
  •  128GB on board storage memory is not so far as Samsung has already shown such prototypes of memory modules in 2012 and now it’s time to show the real spark to the world. Samsung Note 4 phablet could debut with 128GB on board storage version.
  •  16MP primary camera sensor.
  • PLS LCD display.
  • More scope for S pen.
  •  3,3oo mAh battery.
  • Dual channel Wi-Fi capabilities
  • 4G support,NFC support

Samsung internal news has confirmed that they are going to opt PLS LCD display to cut the cost by 20%. Galaxy S5 would also be launched with similar display. Another interesting rumors states that Galaxy Note 4 would be first to have fingerprint sensor as Samsung is testing on it.

3-Sided display: Another interesting rumor stated that Samsung is manufacturing 3-sided display for Note 4, which would be all new concept in the field of smartphones and phablet. 3-sided display is really interesting but according to analysts’ view, Samsung will not experiment such display with its top selling series instead they might launch separate series for such new concept.

New touch wiz and S pen: According to new leak stating that the touch wiz of Galaxy Note 4 would be completely different. They will bring new shortcuts, gestures, s-pen functions. We can also say that interface and its design would be all new.

Auto adjustable resolution: Another rumor stated that the 4K resolution display of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would be programmed such that it could adjust its resolution automatically ranging upto 4K resolution. This adjustment will directly impact the battery life.

Waterproof and Dustproof characterstics: We have an interesting news regarding Note 4 with waterproof and dustproof characteristics. The news stated that Samsung will launch one global version of Galaxy Note 4 with waterproof and dustproof characteristics. And if we talk about the display of 4K resolution or flexible display then we have no confirmation and all these leaks are still in dilemma. Recently internal news of Samsung has confirmed that new ISOCELL sensor has entered in the manufacturing phase.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date possibilities: Galaxy Note 3 was released on september 2013 and now we are talking about Note 4 release date. We know it does not make any sense to talk about it presently. But if we see previous records, it shows Samsung launch one Galaxy Note smartphone or phablet once in a year. So If we just observe the records then simply the month of August and September come in front as Galaxy Note 4 release date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price range: Galaxy Note 3 price is around $730 in most of the countries and is consider pretty costly device. And within couple of months a good drop in the price is seen so  at the time of Note 4 launch there would be no Samsung device which would belong to $750 price range. For sure,Note 4 will be available under $800 and with this cost everyone has to think what will be the special things of the device.

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10 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Updated News”

  1. Milee Cyrus says:

    Nice article..
    Hey i have a doubt.. Is this launching with Kit Kat version..??

  2. Hello Milee,
    Yaa,Almost all the Rumors suggest that it will come with Android Kit Kat Version.So Have some patience for this wonderful smartphone…:)

  3. vijay says:

    Hello Vishu..
    you have different thought process .expecting more good articles from your side ..

  4. hello vijay…

    thanks for your response…

  5. prakash says:

    i hope galaxy note 4 release with Android 5.5, google going to release it next version of Andriod in google I/O event this year. what you think?

  6. […] after the success of the Galaxy Note 3 announced for another product of the note series Galaxy note 4 and it will serve as successor to Note 3. Note 3 was released last year and has been successful […]

  7. Rahul Sharma says:

    Much awaited phone in Indian markets. lets see whats going to be unboxed.

  8. Carol says:

    Good article! Do you think this will be a lighter weight, slimmer phone? Hope not! I also hate to see Samsung get rid of the front button like the HTC One Max. I didn’t like that and returned it after a couple hours use. I love my Note 2 and didn’t get the Note 3 because it seems not as solid as the Note 2. I know most people want a skinny light phone but to me they feel cheap and I would just rather keep my old one.

  9. Sahil says:

    I think $800 is too high, Note 4 should be priced below $700. Anyways you have purported interesting specs and information on this phablet. Good.

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